Wine Aerator Decanter Spout inserts straight into the bottle top for single hand usage, Easy Pour & No Spill, Perfect to Entertain or Gift Accessory,

Price: $9.49
  • Keep the bench clean with the Easy Pour System, With the ergonomically slanted design, ensure for easy drip-less pouring, the rubber stopper is tapered and ribbed to create a leak-free seal for all wine bottles and the acrylic pour spout is notched.
  • Increase the enjoyment and the value of Red or White wine by simply using a single hand to pouring yourself a glass! Fits any wine bottle! To use, simply insert it onto any wine bottle and start pouring. ENJOY and Entertain!
  • Complete Oxidisation for fuller body and flavor for any of your favourite wines!
  • Perfect Premium Gift for Wine Lovers. Entertain, Gifts, Festive Seasons, Mothers days, Fathers day, Birthdays, Anniversary, Wedding Gift and More!
  • Additional Information
    • Have a fantastic tasting filtered wine no matter the cost of the bottle. At CLB products we are committed to giving you the best products to help you enjoy life. The best way to enjoy your favourite wine is to have it aerated, it is a traditional method of aerating and diffusing, allowing your favourite wine to breathe.
    • Now there is no waiting with this hand-held Parrot wine aerator, decanter your favourite wine in seconds, whilst doing so you will experience the full aroma of your favourite bottle of wine enjoyed how it was meant to be
    • The elastic silica gel used will give you a tight seal which will prevent leakages and spillages
    • Bernoulli effect also known as the air channel will inject air into the wine to cantering your wine perfectly and quickly
    • With it's small design can be transported to any destination you wish to have your wine take it on a holiday, with you down to the park, out to dinner and to friends places
    • It's Ergonomic tilt design also allows you the ease of motion to pour your wine easily into your glass
    • Food Level Material & Safe to Use LGBF and FDA Certificate Approved

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